The international solidarity network

As a network of social, humanitarian, philanthropic and support providers to increase the impact of nonprofit organizations, ConnectAID promotes international solidarity and contributes to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

ConnectAID mission in association with

Connect with international aid for greater social, humanitarian and environmental impact. Through ConnectAID, non-profit organizations registered in the European Union (EU) or North America (NGOs, associations and foundations), businesses and individuals can unify their efforts to contribute to sustainable development, including changes needed during and after the pandemic.

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* If you are an individual, ConnectAID allows you to:

• Belong to a global community of change agents

• Access humanitarian news and field updates

• Facilitate the selection and monitoring of specific actions

• Give back to the community knowing that 100% of the donation goes directly to non-profit organizations

• Track your impact

• Volunteer opportunities and job offers

• Deduct your taxes from your donations

• Compare and generate a domino effect to be part of the change

* If you are a business, ConnectAID can:

• Show them approved international projects

• Make it easy for you to give back to the community

• Make it easier to deduct your taxes

• Offer you public visibility for the common good

• Develop personalized approaches with your staff and customers

• Encourage the engagement of your employees

• Actively support the sustainable development goals

* If you are a volunteer:

• Our work portfolio allows you to access different opportunities from our partner organizations

• Influential professionals are motivated to apply to join our team of community activists and inspire others

* If you are a non-profit organization (international NGO, association or foundation) legally registered in Europe or North America where you can grant tax deductions to your donors, ConnectAID can help you:

• Continue your mission in times of crisis

• Communicate about your activities

• Directly raise the funds you need to work in the field, without any commission

• Connect with business promoters

• Find colleagues and partners

• Attract new donors, promoters and contributors

• Find staff and volunteers

• Find the support, training and services needed to be more efficient

• Focus on your mission while delegating the rest to us

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What can we offer your organization?

On request, we allow you to simplify and orient your work by taking care of everything. Once the necessary information is provided to us, we take care of the rest.

Fundraising for your organization

We can create a web page for your organization as well as your projects and research donors and sponsors together (subject to a due diligence process)

Your project presentation

If needed, we can draft and design your project presentation in multiple languages ​​for the platform, helping to tell your story in a clear and engaging way to attract more donors.

Your social media

We are communication expert. To help you save time and money, we can take care of all your social media outreach

Communication coordination

Field staff do not always have the appropriate communication tools and skills and often need guides to communicate effectively with their donors. ConnectAID can act as a coordinator between your organization and field staff. We can provide you with advice on how to effectively communicate your organization's needs, collect routine updates, photos and videos, and translate posts on your behalf. ConnectAID also plans to offer various other services that organizations need to be more efficient.

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us through:



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